Short on words? Got something to say? Let’s find your voice! I’ll get your message across using clean and effective copy that’s never boring but always professional. Writing services include:

Web copy
Product descriptions and product packaging
Email newsletters
Ad copy
Taglines and slogans
Name development
Press releases
Blog posts
Feature articles
and more…


Perfectionist. Obsessive. Word tyrant. I’ve been called these words and more, though I prefer to go by editor. If you need an unforgiving eye that won’t rest until your writing is pristine, contact me. Editing services for editorial content, marketing copy and narrative prose include:

Proofreading for grammar and spelling
Copyediting for style, sentence structure and word use
Web content editing
Developmental editing of narrative structure, pacing and characterization (read more here)

Sound like something you could use? Contact me for a free, fast quote.

Every project is different. Sometimes a website just needs a rewrite, sometimes it needs a complete rebranding. Throw a project’s scope and timeframe into the mix, and prices can really start to vary.

That’s why I provide customized rates based on your individual needs, deadline and budget. Knowing exactly the type of work your project requires will ensure there are no surprises for anyone. Contact me for a free, fast quote.

Still curious? Hoping for a little hint?

Some recurring projects tend to stay within certain price ranges. Download the Inky Clean pricing menu to get an idea of those ranges.