They say the hardest topic to write about is yourself, and while I completely agree, I’m always up for a challenge. The fact that I check grocery lists and music lyrics for spelling and grammatical errors might say more about me than other facts, like where I went to school, but in case anyone wants to know…

I studied journalism and creative writing at the University of Miami, which taught me that there can be truth in fiction and fiction in the truth. While I was still in college, I worked in a variety of jobs in the communications industry—an ad agency, a PR company, then at several magazines—and learned that an awareness for one’s audience is just as important as craft. My first “real” job was a managing editor position at a startup luxury lifestyle magazine on Miami Beach. While most wouldn’t think of planning photo shoots on a sandy white beach and writing about $4000 skirts as a dose of reality, the experience was an eye-opener for me. I started my business in 2006 because it allows me to combine my love for storytelling with my experience in marketing and branding.

As for where I learned to write…I suspect I got it from reading everything as a child, from Roald Dahl novels to billboard signs to newspaper articles I didn’t quite understand at the time. To me, writing is like putting together a giant puzzle. When the words are a perfect fit, you really get the whole picture.

Past clients & brands I’ve worked with:

Autodesk, Inc.
Capital One
Desert Essence
FedEx + Me:
Jackson Memorial Foundation
Latina Magazine
Medium Digital Studio
Merry Design Studio
Miami Dade College
Mobil Travel Guide
Pamela Bond Skin Fitness
Paws 4 You Rescue, Inc.
The Reader’s Digest Association
RedPoint Media Group, Inc.
Uvium, Inc.
The Whole Person Center
The Writer magazine
Writer’s Digest