Short on words? Got something to say? Let’s find your voice! I’ll get your message across using clean and effective copy that’s never boring but always professional.


Perfectionist. Obsessive. Word tyrant. I’ve been called these words and more, though I prefer to go by editor. If you need an unforgiving eye that won’t rest until your writing is pristine, contact me.


07.08.13  How do you keep organized as a business owner? Outright interviewed me for their blog and I was happy to gush about this amazing tool.

julie ashkenazi, creative director, medium digital studio

Natalia is a remarkable creative partner. Her strong brand understanding, combined with her impressive communication skills have helped drive growth and awareness for our clients across retail channels and social platforms. Professional and intuitive, Natalia consistently goes above and beyond to promote engagement, further business goals and foster collaboration.

arianne foulks, founder, aeolidia

“I was so happy to finally find the copywriter of our dreams, and Natalia continues to impress me with every one of her projects.”

amanda mcdougall, editor, mystory: austin

Natalia is a breeze to work with. She was always on time, if not early, with her assignments and quick to respond to inquiries. I knew that once something was in her hands, I didn’t have to fret over it, check in, or otherwise harangue her for it. On top of that, Natalia’s writing was on point, informative, and fresh, which is just what we were looking for. I hope to have the pleasure of hiring her again soon.

heather harris, founder, copper bottom design co.

“Natalia, this is so fantastic I almost don’t have the words to describe how happy this copy makes me!!! You nailed it! You really took what I do and described it in an easy to understand way. And the voice is perfect. I love it!!!!”